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Friday, May 20, 2022

Garlic scam; arrested businessman remanded

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A businessman arrested for allegedly aiding and abetting to remove two containers with 54,000 kg of garlic belonging to Lanka Sathosa was yesterday ordered to be remanded till September 28 by Welisara Magistrate’s Court, Daily Mirror reported.

The Counsel’s appeared for the suspect told the Court that the latter’s uncle has gone to Sri Lanka Port Authority (SLPA) to submit the relevant documents for the auction scheduled on 08 September 2021 to buy uncleared perishable cargo containers lying at CICT yard as per a notice published by a national newspaper.

Then the SLPA informed the uncle that the stock had already been bought by Lanka Sathosa and given a mobile number of a Sathosa official.

The Counsels said that the uncle had then contact a leading businessman in the country and the latter had bought the containers from Lanka Sathosa.

They said that there is no evidence against the suspect that he is involved in garlic scam.

Further investigations are being carried out by the Special Crimes Investigation Unit of the Peliyagoda.

Deputy General Manager of Finance of Lanka Sathosa was arrested on 16 September in connection with the scam.

Also, four officials of the Sathosa were also interdicted over the relevant incident.


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