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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Jaishankar offers help to Peradeniya Teaching Hospital

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Indian External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar, upon becoming aware of the suspension of routine surgeries due to drug shortage at the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital yesterday, has given directives to look into how India can assist to resolve the issue.

Dr.  Jaishankar, who is currently in Sri Lanka on a three-day official visit, tweeted that he is “disturbed to see the news.”

Accordingly, the Indian external affairs minister has instructed the Indian Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Gopal Baglay to contact the hospital authorities and discuss how India can be of help.

However, the hospital’s director Dr. H.M. Arjuna Thilakarathna announced today that the decision to temporarily halt all routine surgeries at the Teaching Hospital in Peradeniya has been reverted.

He explained that necessary arrangements were made to ensure the provision of required medicinal drugs and consumables by the Medical Supply Division of the Ministry of Health with immediate effect.

In a communiqué issued yesterday, Dr. Thilakarathna stated all routine surgeries at the hospital, including surgeries of patients already admitted, were suspended until further notice.

He had stated that there was a shortage of several essential drugs and consumable items used for anesthesia and surgery at the hospital. The decision to suspend routine surgeries came after the matter was taken up during the hospital’s management committee meeting.


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