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Friday, January 27, 2023

Special program for differently-abled persons

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President Ranil Wickremesinghe said a special program will be formulated for the benefit of differently-abled persons.

He said that he has already instructed Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena to formulate a report in this regard along with the Women, Child Affairs and Social Empowerment State Minister, Education Minister, Health Minister, Youth Affairs, and Sports Minister.

He further said that after the report is submitted to the Cabinet, proposals, based on it, would
be included in the next budget proposals.

He made this observation while addressing the national ceremony to commemorate the
International Day of Persons with Disabilities-2022 under the theme, ‘Transformative solutions for inclusive development; the role of innovation in fueling an accessible and equitable world’, held at Temple Trees this morning (03).

President Ranil Wickremesinghe further said that the needs of the differently abled persons, child protection, etc had been neglected due to the lack of attention and lack of funds. Earlier it was handled under the Samurdhi program which was not successful because it was meant
for economic empowerment. He added that these areas would be paid attention to separately.

He also assured that these persons would be given the opportunity to serve the nation.

He added that Lord Nelson who defeated the fleet of ships Napoleon, had only one hand while world-renowned musician Beethoven had lost his hearing when he composed his best music.

The differently abled students of the Madampe Vocational Training Centre performed a dancing and singing act at the event.


රනිල් රටේ ප්‍රශ්ණ භාගයක් විසඳා අවසන් – ඉතිරි භාගයත් විසඳනවා – සමන් රත්නප්‍රිය

ජනාධිපති රනිල් වික්‍රමසිංහ මහතා රටේ පවතින ප්‍රශ්ණවලින් භාගයක් විසඳා අවසන් බව ජනාධිපති වෘත්තීය සමිති අධ්‍යක්ෂක ජනරාල් සමන් රත්නප්‍රිය මහතා පවසනවා.

මානව හිමිකම් කොමිසම විදුලි බලධාරීන් එරෙහිව ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨාධිකරණයට

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