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Friday, June 2, 2023

Students whp assualted teacher in Puttalam granted bail

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A group of twenty-one students in Puttlam, Sri Lanka, who were apprehended for assaulting a school teacher, have been granted bail under strict conditions.

All twenty-one suspects were presented before the Puttlam Magistrate’s Court which ordered their release on personal bail of Rs. 500,000per student. However, certain conditions were imposed on them.

As per the court’s ruling, the students must report to the Puttlam Police station every Sunday following the completion of their O/L Exam. Additionally, they are required to sign the records book during each visit.

Furthermore, the court explicitly stated that if the victim receives any form of threat, the bail will be revoked, and the suspects will be detained until the case is concluded.

In connection with the assault on a school teacher in Puttlam, the Sri Lanka Police arrested seventeen more students on Thursday (25). These individuals were subsequently presented before the court today (26).

Four additional students from Thillayadi Muslim Maha Vidyalaya, who were responsible for assaulting the school’s sports and discipline supervisor, were also taken into custody and remanded until today (26).

All the students involved appeared in court on the specified date.

According to the police, the motive behind the students’ assault on the teacher was his advice to comply with the school uniform guidelines by maintaining proper grooming standards for their hair and beard.
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