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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Fertilizer Fiasco: Chinese company issues bold media statement

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China’s Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group Co., Ltd in a bold media statement said that it strongly requests both Sri Lanka and the companu to entrust the Swiss SGS group’s tore-sampling as soon as possible to test whether the fertilizer samples provided by the company to Sri Lanka are contaminated by Erwinia.

“Both parties should unconditionally accept the test results of the thirdparty. If Erwinia contamination is confirmed, the supplier shall unconditionallytransport the goods back to China. If there is no Erwinia contamination, the buyershall unconditionally accept the goods and arrange payment,” the statement said.

The company claimed that the unscientific detection method and conclusion of
NPQ in Sri Lanka regarding fertilizer samples of them obviously do not comply with international animal and plant
quarantine convention.

“In the case of major differences between the two parties on the facts of contract
performance and major disputes over the product quality test results, the buyer and NPQ
Sri Lanka have irresponsibly conveyed false and even controversial remarks to the
media for many times. The media that do not know the truth have made negative reports
on the quality of Chinese enterprise and Chinese products, and even used “Toxic, garbage, pollution” and other derogatory words that seriously slander the image of
Chinese enterprise and the Chinese government. Such unilateral, untrue, and
irresponsible remarks mislead the public and undermine the credibility of the media.”

Furthermore, the entire scenario pertaining to the fertilizer stock ordered from the company is extremely irresponsible to Sri
Lanka’s planting industry and is not in line with the president’s strategy for the
sustainable development of green agriculture, the company stressed.

“Sri Lanka is now in the fertilization season, but the high-quality organic fertilizer in
front of us can not be transported to farmers. By contrast, who concerns about planting
industry in Sri Lanka? Who cares about Sri Lankan farmers? Who is obstructing the
sustainable development of green agriculture?,” it questioned.

It also stated that the company has the right to to investigate the legal responsibility of relevant
parties for the “untrue” or even “slander” reports and comments made by some

Sri Lanka agreed with the company’s request to re-test the fertilizer samples of the company with the involvement of a third party that accepted by both Sri Lanka and China.


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