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Monday, May 23, 2022

Let us not allow a few English letters decide our fate – Harin

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Let us not allow a few English letters decide our fate.”

Results of the most difficult and challenging GCE Ordinary Level examination in the history known to us was released today. My dearest daughter was one of many hundreds of thousands of children who sat for this examination. My daughter’s results gave immense happiness to my family and I, which have come at a challenging time.

School-going children of this country have been restricted to being at their houses for almost two years now. Many children haven’t even seen the teacher in charge of their respective classes.

That’s the magnitude of the disaster this dreaded Coronavirus caused.

A staggering number of children and parents felt helpless within the online educational system, which is still alien to our country.

In a country where 66% of the families with children below 18 years of age have no internet facilities, and where there are children who have to travel by boat, and then travel by bus for many more miles to find internet facilities, I am simply amazed and mesmerized by the courage and determination showed by these children, who faced the GCE Ordinary Level examination this time.

Whether you have passed this exam or failed it, all of you are HEROES to me.

Not only the children who gave their utmost energy and effort for this exam, but their parents and teachers are also remembered fondly in my thoughts.

In fact, passing this exam is definitely a victory. But, we all surely know that this exam result does not decide our fate.

My kind request to all of you is that please do not think that you missed the only bus towards your goal. This is just another examination. There are a plenty of doors open for you to lead a victorious life.

I have a very dear request to all the children who have got their O/L examination results. Let us turn this experience you had amidst a huge disaster, into an opportunity that paves way for a new path in your life.

May normalcy return to our lives very soon !!


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