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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Inquiry launched on children getting Pfizer vaccine in Chilaw

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An inquiry has been launched following a video showed several children were being vaccinated against current vaccination guidelines in Kokkavila, Chilaw.

This alleged mishap occurred at Kokkavila Government School.

According to our reporter, Pfizer vaccine which was scheduled to be given to those who are over 60 years had been given to number of chidren who are allegedly close associates of a doctor.
There were children who are of 12 years old were among them.

At the same time, several persons who are not residents of the area had been given the vaccine as well.

When questioned about this, a health officer presented at the vaccination centre claimed the children and other non residents were given the jab following recommendations of a doctor.

Due to this mishap, many senior citizens who were in long lines since morning could not get the vaccine on time.


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